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Website Features

What features does a FreeChurchWebsite have?


Custom Design: Every Free Church Website is custom tailored to the brand of your church – colors, logo, etc. All website graphics are custom designed with your Church Vision and Mission in mind!

5 Prebuilt Pages: Your website project includes 5 prebuilt pages. We will layout every aspect of these 5 pages so they are ready to be viewed by the public when your website is ready to launch!

Mobile Viewing: This feature will transform your website for mobile-ready viewing when visited from any mobile device.

Connect to Facebook: We will enable your Church Blog to automatically post excerpts and links of new blog posts to facebook, twitter, etc.

Sermon Library: This feature allows your church to store thousands of sermons, and search them by topic, preacher, bible passage or date.

Photo Gallery: Your church will be able to easily manage and compress photographs to display in multiple photo galleries that can be placed anywhere throughout the site.

Events Calendar: This tool enables fully featured event registration management including recurring events, locations management, calendar, Google map integration, and booking management.

Business Directory/Church Directory: This feature will allow you to easily integrate a Church Business Directory, Members Directory or Birthday Directory.

Bible References: This tool takes any typed Bible verse reference and will create a small pop-up information bubble above the reference with the complete Bible verse text as a visitor hovers.

Content Management System:Your Church Website will be built on the WordPress Content Management System. This platform will allow you to have complete editing control over your new Church Website.

Unlimited Pages: Once your Church Website is launched you will have the ability to add an unlimited number of pages, posts and media to the site.

Custom Sitemap: In our Church Website process we walk you through the steps of organizing and defining your website content. We will also equip you with additional ideas to add to your website independently.

Connect to Twitter: We will enable your Church Blog to automatically post excerpts and links of new blog posts on your Church Twitter account.

Prayer Requests: Allows visitors to submit prayer requests, or pray for existing requests. When visitors clicks the “I Prayed For You” button the requester will receive an email.

Media and Videos: You will be able to publish videos and other media onto your Church Website with ease! Website visitors can then share the media with friends and family through email or social networks.

Polls: You will be able to create and manage online polls that church members will be able to participate in. This tool allows your Church to gather the congregations opinion on any topic or question.

Website Training Tutorials: You will have full access to our website management training videos for the WordPress Content Management System. These resources will equip you to manage and edit your church website.

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