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Social Media Integration


Connect your social media pages to your website

Social media is where people live nowadays, especially millennials. With our church website builder you can ensure that website visitors can easily find your pages. Link to your preferred social media websites and apps. Create a buzz about the message of your church as people easily share your posts with in-built buttons.

Get Social

Social media has become an international phenomenon in the past 10 years. From Facebook and Instagram to Snapchat and Pinterest there is a whole world that approximately 45% of the world’s population are connected to. Shockingly, the average person on social media uses it for 2 hours 22 minutes a day. That’s a lot! If people in your area are using it that much, it’s important that they come across your church. Our church website builder connects your website to your church or ministry social media pages. You can connect people with your message, interact with them and link back to your church website.

Social Media buttons - Church Website Builder

Link to whatever social media accounts you use

As you look at our templates you will see example social media links. These are exactly that, just examples. Maybe your church doesn’t have an Instagram account…don’t panic! You can either set one up and link to it or take the link off your website. On the other hand if you use a  website that isn’t in the example we can walk you through how to add that link to your website.

Connect your social media pages to your website

With our church website builder you can ensure that website visitors can easily find your social pages. Get a buzz about the message of your church as people easily share your posts with in-built buttons. You can see what your social icons will look like by checking out a demo. Click the button below to take a look at one of our templates!

Display eye-pleasing icons

Social Media Icons - Church Website Builder
There are lots of different options for linking to social media pages. Our templates come with simple icons that are very pleasing to the eye and designed with the modern user in mind. As you hover over the icon, the icon will turn to the brand color of the platform (For example the Facebook icon turns blue).

Place your social links Widget wherever you want it

Your social links can be found in the widgets section of the customizer. Choose to place your social links widget in your footer, in a side-bar, or on a post or page. Most templates come with the social links in the footer only, but you don’t have to keep it that way. Our website builder puts you in control. You can customize your website to whatever your needs are.

Widgets - Church Website Builder

Blog social media integration

Blogging is a great way to spread your message and update people with latest news about your church. People who like what you have to say will want to share your content… and trust me, you want that! At the end of every blog post there are buttons that allow website visitors to share it! This makes it convenient for them and easy for you to have a greater presence on social media.

Social share - Church Website Builder

How to approach social media

Social Like - Church Website BuilderYou may be wondering how to approach social media as a church. Many churches and ministries shy away from using it because of its negative effects on society. If that’s you you’re not alone. The internet is not a community that is dedicated to building the kingdom of God, that’s true. There are so many who use it for morally depraved ends. This has caused many believers to abandon ship on the whole mess. I get that completely.

However, social media can be used for good. Specifically, it can be good in sharing the saving message of Jesus Christ. If every church and every Christian chose to consciously engage with the goal of spreading the Gospel, think of what an impact we could have on the world and how quickly it could happen!

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