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Sermon Management

Sermon Management lets you create an easy to use library of recorded sermons right on your website

Sermon Management gives you the ability to share your church’s messages with the world! Creating a way for people to watch or listen to your latest sermons is a great way to bring the message to the homes of people who can’t make it to church, give people a tool for devotionals and give your sermons a global reach!

Share your sermons everywhere

A lot of people listen to speakers on the go. Whether it be a podcast, a ted talk or an audiobook, the internet and smartphone technology allows people to listen wherever they are. With smart speakers people can just say the word and messages reverberate around their house.

You have a lot of important things to say, thats why you spend a lot of time preparing your sermons. Sermon management allows you to have a platform to publish a library of your messages that people can access at home, in the car, on the job…anywhere!

Provide audio and/or video of your sermons

Sermon Files
You can include audio as an mp3 file or sound cloud link. If you have video capabilities you can include video as an mp4 file or from a youtube or vimeo link.

Create a searchable library

With Sermon Management you will be able to easily create an archive of sermons right on your church website. Website visitors can access these through your navigation menu and search by speaker, topic, series or date.

Sermons by video or audio

Sample Sermons give you an idea of what your sermon library will look like with your sermons entered. Click the button below for more.

Let your listeners view or print sermon notes

You can include a downloadable PDF of your sermon notes to help your listeners to really engage with your messages. Small groups can easily utilize these for group discussion of your material.

Save time by adding speakers, topics and series

Whether you have one preacher or a team of preachers at your church. You can enter their information, picture and bio once and then just select their name in a checkbox to assign them to a certain sermon. Make a list of topics that covers the majority of what your church teaches about and then group your sermons together by topic. A lot of Pastors speak in series. You can create a series of messages that people can look up and listen or watch along.


Individual Sermon

Use visual aids

Make your sermons eye-catching and easy to find by adding a featured image for each sermon. When preaching a series you can assign the same image to each occurrence in the series to help people find all the messages. If you want to further illustrate a sermon, you can add as many images as you want into the ‘description’ section.

Easily manage sermons in the back end

You can manage your sermons easily in list form. You can quickly edit the title, date, draft etc. of a sermon without even opening the sermon. You can make changes to a whole group of sermons by using the bulk select drop-down menu.

Customize your settings and design

You can make global changes to how your sermon archive functions and displays in the settings. Change the image at the top of the page, the colors and sizes of buttons and text to reflect your church’s brand and to match with the rest of your church website.

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