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Event Management

With event management, you can easily create and invite people to events happening at your church

You can easily set up one-off events or recurring events that will appear on a dedicated events page on your website. Church website visitors will be able to read details of events, find contact info. for the organizer and sync with their digital calendar.

Events all in one place

Its a lot of work to keep everyone on the same page about what’s happening, when, where and why at church! There are so many different events being organized and everyone uses different calendars.

Event management saves you time and confusion by keeping all the church’s recurring and one-time events in one place. Church members can view everything happening at the church, get the details, sign up or sync all the info. into their digital calendar.

Put it on your calendar today to set up a church website that can do the work for you.

Event Management

Customizable settings

You can customize the settings to fit the needs of your website. 

  • Set a default organizer and venue. 
  • Choose to display your events in calendar or list mode.
  • Set the number of events to show per page.
  • Set your default currency symbol and timezone. 

Create all your events and manage them all in one place!

Let your people know what’s going on quickly and easily with event management. Click the button below to get started with our church website builder!

Easy to use event creation

Set up an event by simply navigating to the events tab in your dashboard and clicking ‘Add New’.
Each event will include (Optionally):

  • A title and description
  • A time and date 
  • An event cost
  • Google calendar and iCal buttons
  • Previous and next event links
  • Venue information 
  • Organizer information
  • An event website
  • A featured image that will appear in the list view and at the top of the page in the individual event.

Add new events

A searchable archive

Church website visitors can search for events by date, keyword or location. Add tags and categories for each event to make it easier for your website visitors to find.

Add an interactive map

With one click of a checkbox you can add a map to any event with full Google Maps functionality. Website vsitors can use a larger map or get directions in a separate tab. In settings you can set a default zoom level and a search distance limit.

events maps

Save time with saved venues and organizers

Add a new venue and include location, phone number, website, map link and image. Add a new organizer and include their phone number, website, email address and image. Now every time you add an event you don’t need to put all the information in again.

Calendar sync

Each event has a button to add it to Google calendar and iCal. When users click one of these buttons a separate window opens and all of the events information is automatically inserted into a new calendar item. They can set themselves reminders and invite other people to attend.

View events

Schedule Recurring Events

If you have events that occur frequently, you can save a lot of time by scheduling recurring events. You can set the event to the same day of each month or a different day (for example: the first monday of each month). You can set it to recur indefinitely, set an end date, or set an amount of events.

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