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30 Second Website Creation


Get up and running right away! No wait.

You can sign up for your new website anywhere, anytime with our church website builder using a mobile phone, tablet or computer! It’s as easy as 1,2,3. Create a website in 30 seconds!

A simple sign-up process

There is a six-step sign-up process where you will enter some information, choose a website template and read our terms and conditions. Its so quick it can take 30 seconds to complete sign up! At the end of this process your website will be created.

You can sign up for your new website anywhere, anytime using a mobile phone, tablet or computer! It’s as easy as 1,2,3!

30 second website creation

Step 1. Pick a plan

In this step you will be able to look at the different options available to you for each plan. We encourage you to thoroughly read this part. You may think that you want the free plan and jump to that. But take a moment to consider what your church actually needs. For example, if you are looking to have multiple pages to showcase your church…the free plan is not for you. Our paid plans cost a fraction of what they are actually worth. $15/month for a website is close to free!

Here are the Plans:

FreeThis is our Free plan which will allow you a single-page website for your church.

Go Forth – Create unlimited pages and blog posts and unlock features including, Sermon Management, and Event Management! Then add your own custom domain.

Thrive – Access to all Free Church Website features including but not limited to: Sermon Management, Event Management, Online Giving, eCommerce Management. You have the ability to add your own custom domain.   

Additionally, the ‘Go Forth’ and ‘Thrive’ plans give you access to our many professionally designed templates.

Should you choose a paid option you can choose to be billed monthly or annually. Annual billing saves you more money!

Budget-friendly plans to fit your needs as a church

Learn about which features are available in which plans here at the first step of sign up. Click the button below for more.

Step 2. Pick a template

Genesis home - 30 second website creation

A ‘template’ is a pre-designed and configured responsive website complete with images, headings, text and fully set up features. We do a lot of the work for you so that you can focus on just making it feel like home to your church.

In this step, you can browse our current templates to see what would best suit your church’s feel. We are constantly finding out what churches need and  working on new designs that are both appealing to the eye and practical. You can see how your website will look on desktop, tablet or mobile and check out our sample pages. Just click on the mobile icon in the top left corner for each template.

Step 3. Fill out some information about your church

In this step you will let us know where in the world your church is and what denomination it is. We want to get to know a little bit about where you are and who you are.

Free Church websites doesn’t represent any particular denomination. We are inter-denominational; meaning that we work with all bible-believing church denominations and non-denominational churches. If your church is not part of a denomination, just write ‘non-denominational’ in the box.

Step 4. Pick a website name

In this step you will name your website. The site title would typically be your church name (ex. Our Church). Your URL would be your church name with no spaces (ex. ourchurch) this becomes your web address.

Signup steps - 30 second website creation

Step 5. Set up your account and read the terms of service

In this step you will choose a username and password, put in your email address and take a look at our terms of service. Please read this document thoroughly as it outlines our ministry’s Statement of Faith

Free Church Websites is a Nonprofit that exists to provide services to bible-believing, Christian churches. If your church’s beliefs are not in alignment, you may want to look elsewhere for your website needs.

Step 6. Set up your payment information

In this step you will enter payment information. You will not be charged until your trial is over. Feel free to cancel before the end of your trial and you will not be charged. This step is optional for ‘free’ plan users (You may want to enter your payment info in case you decide to switch to one of our paid plans in future).

Easy as pie, right?

Once your website is created you will be able to start the process of populating the website with your information, content and images.

Make your website unforgettable.
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