About US

Our Mission is to equip churches to fullfill the Great Commission. Our world has never been more connected and we believe the message of the Gospel can be more readily available to people all over the world through Church websites. The average American spent 32 hours per month on the Internet in 2018. Imagine if you could reach them for just a few minutes to share the Gospel. It’s more than a possibility. Your church can begin to use the Internet as a ministry and tool to reach thousands of unsaved people.


After working in the “secular” Advertising and Web Design industries for over 5-years, as believers we’re feeling more and more lead to use our talents for the Lord rather than the world. We know one thing for sure: the Internet has worked for hundreds of our secular clients when it comes to reaching people with a message. What better than to get churches to use the Internet to spread the Gospel?


To put it simply: we’re a husband and wife team who love Jesus and feel God’s calling on our lives to serve Him in what we do best – design & websites. We know we’ve been called to use our gifts in Graphic Design and Web Design to spread the Gospel and fulfill the Great Commission. We know the Lord will bless this attempt to provide a way for all churches to use the Internet to share the good news found in the Bible. We would love to hear stories about how the Lord has used your website to save the lost! Please write to us!


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