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Our Mission is to equip churches to fulfill the Great Commission.


Our Mission is to equip churches to fulfill the Great Commission. Our world has never been more connected as now and technology never more advanced. A farm worker in China can hear the gospel as they watch a youtube video on their smartphone in the middle of a rice field. We believe the message of the Gospel can be more readily available to people all over the world through Church websites. The average American spent 32 hours per month on the Internet in 2018.  Imagine if you could reach them for just a few minutes to share the Gospel. It’s more than a possibility. Your church can begin to use the Internet as a ministry and tool to reach thousands of unsaved people.


We have been helping local and national companies develop their brand and reach people with their message for over ten years. That’s something we are really good at. If we can successfully get the message of a business to potential consumers using the internet, we can get YOUR message out there too. What is your message? It’s the Gospel!


We believe that the local church is the conduit that God has chosen to reach the world with the good news. So we believe God has called us to equip churches to use the web effectively. We know that the average church doesn’t have a web developer on staff; It’s Pastors, lay people, youth leaders or the sound guy who is in charge of the church website. We want to not only provide free websites to churches, we want to provide tools to help them to soar! This will be in the form of training videos, articles and webinars on topics such as SEO, content writing, creating effective videos, and social media. Our vision is global. We want to source churches on every continent, in multiple languages and all cultures of the world.


Our team is headed up by a married couple who love Jesus and feel God’s calling on their lives to serve Him in what they do best – design & websites. We currently have seven team members with a myriad of skills and talents who each bring something unique to the table. We are a spirited, young group of digital pioneers who are always on the forefront of communication technology. We consider ourselves to be ministry partners, not vendors.

We would love to hear stories about how the Lord has used your website to save the lost! Please write to us.

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